Dietary supplements & snacks for dogs

Our 100% natural vitamin power from Swiss fish is ideal as a dietary supplement and snack, guaranteed without additives or preservatives.

Healthy natural products

Our dried fish strengthen the heart and circulatory system, promote a healthy, shiny coat and are very easy to digest.

Rich in protein and vitamins

Our fish are protein-rich sources of energy, rich in important trace elements, iodine, phosphorus and valuable, essential omega-3 fatty acids.

New Products from PureProteins

Discover now our brand new products Pellets & Powder! Get the natural food supplement made from 100% Swiss fish as a food addition in the form of pellets or powder!

With our pellets & powder you have a unique opportunity to optimize the nutrition of your pets in a natural way. Our products are made from the finest Swiss fish and provide an abundance of essential nutrients that are vital for the well-being and vitality of your pets.

Thanks to the convenient form of the pellets & powder, you can effortlessly add them to your pets' food. Whether you have dogs, cats or other pets, our products are suitable for a variety of species and support a balanced diet.

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100% natural vitamin power from sustainable Swiss fish

Good for your conscience. Good for health. Good in taste.

Our most popular products

Schüssel mit getrockneten Hundefutter

Fillet pieces are very high in protein and
ideal as a dietary supplement and chewing fun.

For all dog breeds and sizes
suitable. Easily digestible, very tasty and energizing.
Fillet pieces can also be very good for
be packed along on the go.

fillet pieces

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Schüssel mit getrocknetem Hundefutter

Dried crunchy gills are very compact and can be excellently given as an addition to the feed ration.

Suitable for all dog breeds and sizes. The crunchy gills contain many important omega 3 fatty acids, which strengthen it
cardiovascular system and promote a healthy and shiny coat.

crispy gills

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glückliche Hundehalterin mit Hund

A purely natural product & snack without additives

Our fresh perch and zander come exclusively from sustainable Swiss breeding, are not wild caught and are also processed entirely in Switzerland.

The products are completely free of additives or preservatives, antibiotics and microplastics as well as gluten and cereals.

We guarantee 100% pure nature, hand picking and gentle drying.

vitamins and minerals

Natural vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, D & E. Many minerals iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, sodium and phosphorus

Swiss fish

Fresh fish supplement for your best friend. 100% fish from guaranteed Swiss origin.

Dogs have a healthy appetite for sustainable fish.

Entspannter Hund

Our recommended daily ration

10-20 grams per day
20-30 grams per day
30-50 grams per day

The daily ration can be given once as a portion of food, as an accompaniment to the food ration or throughout the day as goodies at home, at the dog park or on a walk.

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For a balanced diet and with consideration for natural resources

Landschaft mit Kirche

We save 20 tons of CO2 for our four-legged friends and the environment through local and gentle production. Spoiling our furry friends also means doing something good for the environment with us.

20 tons of CO2

We are committed to the careful handling of nature and to a healthy and balanced diet for our dogs.

That's why we created the Nature Percentage. This means that one percent of our turnover is used directly for a sustainable environmental philosophy in Switzerland.

Our contribution to the environment

Waldweg mit Bäumen
Hundehalter unterwegs

For breeders, dog schools, dog sitters and other organizations.

Interest in our products? We offer special conditions for resale or an attractive payback system for direct orders.

By participating in the PureProteins dealer program, you and your customers benefit from attractive kick-backs for recommendations or excellent purchasing conditions for resale.

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Allergy sufferers can breathe easy

Our dried fish are hand made and contain no harmful substances, additives or preservatives. The products are gluten and grain-free and completely free of antibiotics and microplastics. Pure natural products and real energy champions!

More quality of life for our four-legged friends

Dogs have become important family members for us. A species-appropriate diet, which also contains fish and can compete with the quality of human food, is therefore logical.

healthy teeth. healthy dog.

The important prophylaxis against dental plaque, for dogs as well as for us humans, is a healthy and balanced diet. Fish is one of the healthiest foods that we can give our quadrupeds, and regular chewing on dried fish carcasses also reduces tartar build-up.